About the extension:

Smart Engine hunts down those misleading, irrelevant ’sponsored' ads that sending you to not relevant website and products, and replaces them with the most relevent ads for you!

Change the way you experience the web and stand up for what you get from websites. see just relevant ads according to your interests and statistical analysis of your browsing history.

In Smart Engine we take your privacy very seriously. Privacy is one of our core values and we’ve built Stands from the ground up with that in mind.

We collect only the page url that you are visiting and that in order to learn your interests and create a great statistical profile so next time you visit some website we will show you the most relevant advertisement ads.

So how it works?

when you visiting some website, the SmartEngine extension make very fast request to our servers to perform analysis of the page you are visiting based on its URL.

With our great statistical browsing algorithms, our servers will find the most relevant advertisement ads for you based on your interests and your statistical browsing profile.

Than the SmartEngine extension will kick off (remove) those misleading/irrelevant advertisement ads and replace them with interesting relevant ads.

Give Smart Engine a try, and see why that it's the way to get most relevant ads.

What the difference between SmartEngine and SmartEnginePlus?

With Smart Engine Plus come with settings window that let you control your SmartEnginePlus experience:

  1. Manage your own websites whitelist, so you can tell SmartEnginePlus to ignore specific websites and not do anything..

  1. Specify your interests for SmartEnginePlus, such “sport”, “games” etc.. so SmartEnginePlus will focus on the things you love.